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Hi, we would like to invite you on an Epic Journey of adventure and travel to Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. Discovering, Birding holidays, Watching wildlife, and Yup gazing at landscapes that tell a million stories & traditions on the local people & cultures!

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More than 60% of our clients are referrals from past safaris.

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Many of our guests say they are never the same after these encounters — and your visit may be a life-changing experience, for these species as well. Eco-tourism is the main hope for protecting their future because most of our packages include wild places which are remote; from North to South, East to west.


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Best Time to Visit Africa for A Safari

Pondering about taking your maiden safari to a distant small world of wonders? But limited by advice on which is the best travel period. The answer to this is absolutely amazing! Good news is that you can visit Africa any time of the year.

Most safari destinations in Africa are located in the equatorial region with friendly climatic patterns all year through. No rain or sunshine is too much or too less to stop an African safari from happening.

However, it is still better for one to understand different climatic changes and seasons in Africa, so they can better prepare and properly decide when to travel.

In Africa, the dry season happens from June to October and December to February. This is the peak season when animals are closer to game tracks and concentrated around waterholes and so can be easily spotted.

June, July, August and September are the best months to see variety of wildlife but the Great Migration in Tanzania is easily seen in June and July whereas July to October are the best months to sight the great migration in Kenya. This is also the best time for tracking primates, especially the mountain gorillas in misty mountains of Rwanda, Congo and Uganda.

Rainy seasons run between late October to early December and March to May. This is always a low season for safaris, but travel discounts from various safari operators and accommodation facilities may stimulate your enthusiasm. This season is also better to sight migratory birds, especially between September and April.

Why Go on Africa Safari

Are you a nature and wildlife lover on the search for an unforgettable trip to somewhere in the world? If the answer is “Yes!”, then a Safari to Africa should definitely be part of your travel bucket list!

By going on a safari in Africa, you choose to embark on a signature adventure of lifetime that will forever be memorable to you and your loved ones, as you discover faraway wild places, encompassed by iconic landscape, rich cultures and teeming wildlife.

encompassed by iconic landscape, rich cultures and teeming wildlife. There are endless reasons to go on a safari in Africa. Whether you want to spot endangered mountain gorillas in the misty forest of Virunga massif or the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, get up close encounters with wildlife, climb to the peak of some of the world’s tallest mountains or just relax on a coast line, an African safari will bring all these to reality.

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Highlights and Travel Tips

Despite being the second biggest and one of the most populated continents, a safari to Africa still holds an air of mystery and lure for those familiar with her vast and diverse beauty. With up to 53 independent countries ranging from semi-arid, dessert to tropical climates and thousands of native languages spread across the ancient and rich cultures, Africa is a place that charms millions of travelers year after year.

Sometimes it seems quite uneasy to know where to begin from when considering a safari to Africa; but never let the gigantic size scare you. With adequate research and detailed planning, you can definitely choose the best out of the most iconic experiences that Africa has to offer. From the deserts of Algeria and Libya in the north to the costs of Cape town down in South Africa; from the coast line of Indian Ocean at Mombasa in the east to the Antarctic ocean in the west, Africa is all magical!

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We are a Medium sized registered top tour and travel company in Uganda, providing ready and customized tours and safaris to tourists in East Africa.

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