Bitukura Family in Ruhija Gorilla Sector

Bitukura gorilla family is one of the gorilla families found in the Ruhija gorilla sector in the eastern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

This beautiful sector is among the popular sectors within the National Park due to its accessibility and high end experiences visitors get from the region.

 Uniqueness of Bitukura gorilla family.

This welcoming family surprised the researchers when it responded to the habituation processes quickly. Bitukura gorilla family took the shortest habituation period as compared to the rest of the gorillas within the National Park. All processes of habituation of this gorilla family lasted for 15 months unlike the usual recommended two years. 

Bitukura gorilla family is made up of wise gorillas as compared to other gorilla families. Gorillas in this group tend to remember their tracks within the forest from where they stayed the previous months and where they fed from which makes them stand out from all the rest.

Furthermore, the members of this beautiful family are renowned for their calm demeanor that they parade in the presence of the visitors, making them a preferable group to visit in the Ruhija gorilla sector.

The playful juveniles of the family further make it unique from the rest of the groups and also makes it another attraction to the tourists since most of the travelers to the region want to see cheerful animals within the forest since they give their best experiences.

The multi-male tolerance in the group also makes the group unique. The Bitukura gorilla family is renowned for this uncommon good character of tolerating a good number of males under the same group. 

This gorilla family once had five male adults living together which is a different trait from the rest of the groups since most male adults do not like living under the dominance of another male. Their ego doesn’t normally tolerate that, and it’s the key reason why they leave and create other families 

Family history of the Bitukura group. 

This group has an interesting history and it originated from the Kyaguliro family with which they have a strong bond and connection.  Habituation of this family started way back in 2007 and lasted for only 15 months partly because some of the members were habituated in the Kyaguliro group.  The group was named after a river that serves water within the forest called Bitukura. 

A legend has it that this group was first sighted at the banks of the river by the researchers and the rangers of the park and therefore they decided to name it after the river. 

Composition of Bitukura gorilla family.

The Bitukura gorilla family is a fairly large group and is made up of only 13 members. It is composed of 2 silverbacks, 4 adult males, 2 blackbacks, 1 sub-adult, 2 juveniles and 2 infants.

 Membership of the Bitukura gorilla family.

This beautiful family is led by a silverback known as Ndahura who got the leadership after the unexpected demise of the dominant leader Karamuzi. Karamuzi led the group until he died at the age of 40.  The group however has another silverback known as Karumizi. Rukumu and Rukara are other adult males within the group, Ruhara, Bettina and Kamuga as the adult female aunties, Obia and Mugisha black backs, Kabandize is the juvenile of the group and Kadogo and Mubwindi are the infants. 

Trekking Bitukura gorilla family.

Visitors with an interest in tracking this gorilla group should find it important to remember that only eight people are allowed to visit this group per day.  Booking the permits to trek this group is done in advance through the tour operators.  This group offers sensational tracking experiences due to its calm demeanor and welcoming habits. The trip takes the visitors through the dense rainforests of the National Park on the slopes of the extinct volcanoes of the Virunga massif. 

Various streams are crossed, highlands are hiked and maneuvering through valleys before you get to the family which in turn adds up to the unforgettable experience.

The trek is normally guided by professional tourist guides and rangers from the national park who give information about the gorillas and the entire forest.  The trek could last for about six hours and visitors on this trek are allowed an uninterrupted hour for them to enjoy the experience with the gorillas in the forest.

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