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what does the word Mzungu mean?

Category : domestic tourism | Sub Category : local tourism Posted on 2020-12-11 08:14:22

what does the word Mzungu mean?

On any African trip, be assured to be called Mzungu many times. So typically Mzungu originates from ancient meaning walking around or just wandering around and it named during 1st explorers around 18th century as they seen just moving around aimlessly. When you’re white person coming to East Africa, Better get used to it because you will hear this word running through your ears more often throughout Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya and other parts of Africa however Mzungu means white skinned person while to some would say it means moving around from one place to another.

You have got to love it or else like it if you’re a white skinned person and eventually you will realize how you could embrace it and it will leave a bond relationship between yourself and the locals people. You will hear many children cheering at you from road sides and you will wave at them in a friendly so that you a room of comfortability

Bye Mzungu, You may ask yourself what’s so special about ‘’Mzungu’’ and yet people are happy according to their gestures but it sound fun while your adventure is going on because this will also stuck into your ears in the country side throughout your visit but you will enjoy it as it’s a special thing for you having visited the area and being welcome by everyone in all the stopovers.

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