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Safety precautions to the spread of corona virus to Uganda

Category : Coronavirus Update. | Sub Category : Uganda Tourism Posted on 2020-06-29 07:52:53

Safety precautions to the spread of corona virus to Uganda

As tensions due to covid-19 keeps growing globally, all non-essential businesses and wildlife seems totally paralyzed.

There is a lot of concern when this corona virus spreads to wildlife. Tourism in Uganda has been developed in the past years because of well marketing strategies and the number of gorilla population has also increased which may be affected in the due course. The government of Uganda has put all possible measures in the fight of covid-19;

  1. The government of Uganda has put an end to both flights landing and exiting at Entebbe international airport except cargo flights and emergency departures to avoid importation of the virus.
  2. The president of the republic Uganda has ordered wearing of masks to all Ugandans as a must and no public neither privates transports in the country except government cars, ambulances, cargo cars and doctors
  3. All booked trips to Uganda should be posted to 2021 to avoid the spread of virus to the wild animals like mountain gorillas and chimpanzee.
  4. Other strong measures include washing hands with soap, keep your hands sanitized, stay home, avoid being in groups and social distance.
  5. All park rangers and security forces have been told by top authorities to be vigilant in their areas of operations by ministry of health because this virus spreads faster.
  6. All wildlife authorities have been directed to keep social distance, sanitize hands, be vigilant and adhere to WHO guidelines.
  7. The ministry of health officials together with the president of the republic of Uganda have managed to fight the virus to the last and no death registered yet and are working tirelessly and researching more to curb the virus so that things get to normal. We will travel again!
    Note. Epic Uganda Vacation will keep you posted on current news!

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