Boarder Towns In Uganda

Tourism connects people to the world in a simple way. A road trip ushers you to an extra experience of discovering different places.  In this article, we introduce you to the border districts in Uganda, through the different safari circuits which are the Eastern safari circuit; and the Albertine safari circuit. These border districts have roads connecting to major tourism attractions and safari destinations in the neighboring countries. Such as the gorillas in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo; Big 5 mammals (lions, leopards, elephants, Rhinos and Buffalos), the genocide memorial centre; chimpanzees; Batwa pygmies; stunning landscape, local cuisine and more. 

The border districts are well protected to ensure the safety of property and persons. All you need is the identification documents (Passport and national identity card) to cross over to the next country. The western safari border circuit features the Kabale-Kisoro-Bunagana route connecting the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Rwanda.

Border Districts In Uganda.

  1. Kabale District 

Speaking of a road trip to the Republic of Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo leads you to the western part of Uganda. Kabale District is one of those places you will drive through, with views of the rolling hills and lush vegetation. The district is approximately 24.7 km north of Katuna town which is the international border post of Rwanda. The distance from Kampala, which is Uganda’s main capital city, is about 410 km by road. Mbarara city, the largest capital city in western Uganda is 143 km.

Bordering Kabale town is Rukungiri district to the north, Kanungu district to the northwest, Rubanda district to the west, Rukiga district to the northwest, and the Republic of Rwanda to the south and east.

Kabale district is the largest district in the Kigezi sub-region, and the route crosses Kisoro town to Bunagana border post. It is about 5.4km south of Kisoro airstrip and has amazing destinations. A stopover at Kabale district can be for different activities such as the canoe ride at Lake Bunyonyi “the second Switzerland in Africa” and cultural adventure. 

Other attractions in Kabale district include; Kabale University, the Kwanzi Guest House and Museum, and the Punishment Island; a historical place where unmarried girls caught indulging in sexual acts were banished. The culture and language in Kabale district include; the Bakiga, Banyarwanda, and the Bahororo of Bujumbura. Kabale district is safe for travel with lots of tourist attractions.

2. Kisoro District

Kisoro district is one of the very last towns you will get to as you cross to the Democratic Republic of Congo in the central part of Africa or the Republic of Rwanda for gorilla trekking and other safari activities. The district is 78.7 km west of Kabale town, 488 km southwest of Kampala city; the capital of Uganda, east is Rumangabo and the Virunga chain of mountains which spans through DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda

Overshadowing the district is the backdrop of the majestic Mufumbiro Mountains, a habitat to the endangered mountain gorillas. Once at Kisoro district, look for among others; Lake Mutanda, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for gorilla trekking, craft markets, Kisoro airstrip serving the different attractions in the Kigezi region, and Bwindi Impenetrable NP. Kisoro district is safe for travel and one of those must-stopover destinations on your way to Rwanda or Burundi.

3, Busia District

Busia district is located in the eastern part of Uganda. It borders Kenya to the east, Namayingo district to the south, Tororo district to the north, and Bugiri district to the west. The natives here are immersed in cross-border trade. The local dialect is Samia, however, Swahili and English are widely known and spoken.

Busia district is the access town to the Republic of Kenya; home to Mount. Kenya, Big 5 in Masai Mara National Park, the annual wildebeest migration, and more. It is a busy town and a safe place for tourists and non-residents wishing to cross to the other nation.

4. Tororo District

Tororo district is another access town to the Republic of Kenya through the Malaba border post. The district is located in the eastern part of Uganda, about 209 km by road east of Kampala the capital city of Uganda; bordered by Butalejja district, Busia district and more. Before proceeding to Kenya, you may want to visit the rock outcrop known as the Tororo Rock for a hike, golf course, and Tororo airstrip. On your way to Tororo district is the Mabira forest and the source of the Nile; the longest river on earth.

5. Gulu City

If you are to go to South Sudan by road, you’ll pass by Gulu City as you enter Nimule in the southern part of South Sudan. Gulu is the largest city in the northern part of Uganda. It is a safe place for travel, with the nearest attractions for an en route stopover experience such as game drive, cultural experience, chimpanzee trekking, sightseeing, boat cruise and more in Murchison Falls National Park, Budongo forest and more. Visit South Sudan for a cultural experience and wildlife wilderness safari at Nimule National Park.

Road trips to different destinations across East Africa are possible and safe. It is more adventurous and cheap, as you tend to discover a variety of cultures and what transpires in the countryside. Due to security concerns, crossing to the Democratic Republic of Congo is through Rwanda. Travel can be done on public buses, safari vehicles, or flights.

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