A tourist visa is an official documentation which allows an individual to enter a foreign country for the purpose of participating in leisure and tourism activities. The East African tourist visa is a joint visa that permits one to travel to specific countries within East Africa, namely Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda only. A joint tourist visa can be used several times for various purposes as long as it’s not overdue.  

Tourists should therefore find it important to always remember that the tourist visa lasts for only 90 days.  Processing the tourist visa takes a maximum period of two working days. It is also important to note that the tourist visa prohibits employment. 

 How to apply for an East African Tourist Visa?

The process of applying for a tourist visa has been made easier since it can be done with the help of a tour operator or by the individual themselves online through the Ministry of Internal Affairs immigration portal. Visitors are required to log in to the portal, go ahead and accept the terms and conditions for the tourist visa, select the Visa / permit type, the subcategory and category, complete the application form and upload the required documents.  

A reference number will be generated and sent to you through your email, submit it and proceed to payment. It’s important to note that the payment can be made using Visa cards.  An approval letter will be sent to your email after the above process.

Report at the immigration office or border post for the biometric capture with all the necessary documents, receipt of payment, approval letter and your passport. Visitors should regard it as important to enter through the home country issuing the visa.

How much does the East African tourist visa cost?

The East African tourist visa costs a fee of $100 only, meaning that it can be obtained by all travelers ranging from the budget to luxurious ones.

Countries where this visa is applicable.

 The East African tourist visa is applicable in selected countries in the east of Africa and they incorporate;


Kenya is a renowned destination on the African continent with the real definition of the African safari in its beautiful national parks.  The country is endowed with breathtaking beauty that can be observed along the coastal areas especially in Mombasa and within the stunning national parks and reserves.  Kenya is also a host to the great wildebeest migration which normally occurs in its Masai Mara national reserve.

The captivating views of the snow-capped Mount. Kilimanjaro across Amboseli National Park further makes the efforts of getting this visa not to waste since one will actually enjoy it to the fullest.


Uganda is often referred to as the Pearl of Africa due to its outstanding beauty which is evident in her natural landforms. Uganda is blessed with the source of the Nile which is the longest river in the whole world. Uganda is also home to the largest population of endangered mountain gorillas living in the oldest forest on the African continent that is to say Bwindi impenetrable forest.  

Uganda is also home to the mountains of the moon and her good weather sets it apart from most African countries. Uganda is blessed with ten national parks and various national reserves conserving the most beautiful animals on the African continent which the visitors we’ll get the opportunity to observe once they have the tourist visa. The East African tourist visa will therefore present golden opportunities to the tourists to enjoy all these captivating moments and destinations.


Rwanda is commonly referred to as the heart of Africa and it prides itself as one of the most beautiful areas on the African continent. She is the home to the fastest-growing African city –  Kigali with the state-of-the-art artistic buildings and beautiful tourist destinations.

Rwanda is home to five of the eight Virunga mountains which are such stunning areas good for sightseeing and photography.  It is worth noting that Rwanda is also home to a section of mountain gorillas that can be observed in its magnificent Volcanoes National Park. 

The country also has captivating museums all over which tell the Rwandan story her history and all the struggles she has been through to being the peaceful nation she is currently. It is in such important moments that the East African tourist visa comes in to rescue since it allows you to visit all these stunning areas by just a mere show to the authorities.

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