Hiking is an incredible adventure safari activity that offers fantastic opportunities of exploring the country’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. Uganda offers a wide range of terrains ranging from lush forests to rugged mountains and rolling hills. This diversity ensures that hikers of all levels are able to find suitable trails. 

During hiking safaris in Uganda, you get to encounter breathtaking scenery and opportunities to witness breathtaking vistas such as wildlife, lakes, waterfalls and stunning landscapes. 

As you hike different mountains in Uganda, you are able to encounter different wildlife like mountain gorillas, various bird species, chimpanzees.

Some of the popular hiking destinations in Uganda include,

  • Hiking mount Rwenzori. 

Also known as the ‘mountains of the moon’, Rwenzori offers challenging but rewarding hikes and beautiful scenery. You are advised to pack requirements like waterproof clothes and backpack. Sturdy hiking boots, sleeping bag and enough food and drinking water. 

The hike starts from the base camp found in Nyakalengija where you get permits and meet your assigned experienced guides.  This trek can trek days even weeks depending on your chosen route, some of the hiking routes are central circuit, kilembe trail, Magherita peak route, Bundibugyo trail, Rwenzori Magherita route, and Rwenzori community trek. 

Be prepared for challenges like steep terrain with mud, rocks and steep ascents. Depending on your designed route, you will reach the summit Magherita peak which is the highest point in the Rwenzori mountains. 

After reaching the summit, you will retrace your way back to the starting point. 

  • Hiking mountain Elgon.

Mountain elgon is an extinct volcano and one of the highest mountains within east Africa at the borders of Uganda and Kenya. The highest peak is wagagai standing at about 4,321 meters above sea level. 

Hiking this mountain is so much captivating and full of adventure with a mixture of natural beauty and rich bio diversity. The trails to the summit take you through bamboo zones, moorlands, alpine desert and dense forests offering you a dynamic hiking experience. 

Hiking mountain elgon has several routes such as sasa route, sipi falls route, piswa route, sasa nabulagala route, piswa Salt Lake route and sasa Nkokenjeru route.  As you hike to the summit, you will come across picturesque waterfalls like sipi falls and caves like the kitum caves where you are able to witness elephants that visit to lick the salt rich cave walls.

  • Hiking mountain Muhabura. 

Also known as mount Muhavura, is a dormant volcano located within Virunga mountains at the border of Rwanda and Uganda. The peak of this mountain stands at an elevation of about 4,127 meters above sea level.

Hiking Muhabura is a popular destination for hikers and trekkers to ascent the summit known for challenging terrain characterized with steep slopes and rocky paths. Once you reach the summit, you are able to see the border mark between Rwanda and Uganda and you get chance to step in each of the countries at once which makes it a unique and memorable experience. 

As you ascend the summit, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding Virunga mountains and the lush landscapes below. While hiking, you will be able to see different wild and bird life plus primates. 

The whole experience of hiking Mount Muhabura is so much of an adventure and rewarding to people interested in natural beauty. 

  • Hiking Mountain Moroto.

 Mount Moroto is one of the prominent mountains in the northeastern Uganda the highest mountain range within the karamoja region. The peak of Moroto is at elevation of about 3,083 meters above sea level offering beautiful landscapes and a popular hiking destination.

Mountain Moroto is a favourite and distinguished destination for hikers and trekkers and the summit allows one to experience the region’s stunning scenery characterized with lush vegetation, caves and panoramic views. 

The slopes of mountain Moroto are home to various wildlife species like antelopes, birds and antelopes. The hiking terrain can vary from gentle slopes to steeper sections then rocky and uneven slopes. During ascension, you are able to see surrounding landscapes of mountain Moroto ranges and part of the semi-arid karamoja plains.

  • Hiking mountain Sabyinyo.

Mount Sabyinyo is located on the border between Uganda, Rwanda and DRC standing at an elevation of about 3,668 meters above sea level. 

Hiking this mountain can be challenging due to the steep slopes and rocky terrain so it demands physical fitness before you head out to the summit. Once you reach the summit, you get a chance to see the straddles of the boarders of Rwanda, Uganda and DRC, hikers are able to stand on the summit and have one foot in each of the three countries. 

As you head to the summit, you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Virunga mountains and the valleys below and on a clear day, you are able to see various volcanoes within the region. You can also see wildlife like golden monkeys and a variety of bird species. 

Best time to do hiking.

Best time to do hiking is from March to May, these are regarded as the dry seasons and the best time because the weather is often mild and the blooming wildflowers can make for beautiful scenery.

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