White Water Rafting in Jinja

White water rafting involves riding on a raft over very rough and dangerous parts of a river. It is regarded as white water because it comes from the agitating white water formed when a river is in full flow over obstacles. This sports activity trains you on how to always stay calm even under too much pressure. 

This is one of the best things to do while in Uganda which comes along with a commitment to safety and your value for money all through creating unforgettable times and memories. 

White water rafting is done in Jinja at the Nile River. This activity takes you through the disorganized and unsettled cascades divided into two grades that is to say grade 4 and grade 5 offering you excellent experiences in Uganda.

Rafting in other countries might not be safe because one is ever worried about hitting rocks but the Nile river is deep enough to protect you from hitting the rocks during your rafting activity. 

There is no need to worry about one’s safety because the trained crew is always available to give a helping hand though it is advised to follow the instructions and guidelines given by the crew. 

Entrants are provided with hard and strong helmets along with life jackets protecting them from over-tripping, although they are always advised to always hold on to the ropes to raise their knees every time that they dive into the water. 


Begin your white water rafting day with an early morning breakfast before you are taken to the river banks. Participants are given guidelines to follow by the guides who are skilled and have knowledge about these rapids.

 Some of the guidelines taught are on how to hold the rope, and how to scull and fall out of the raft in the right way. You are required to remain as calm as possible in case you accidentally trip over the waters. 

Participants are given a chance to either do the easy or the difficult route and those who are not certain about grades 4 and 5 are advised to choose grade 3, for the people who travelled as a family, you are designed to be a slow family float trip that helps you avoid the rapids. You are required to sign a certain form with your details because hypertension and anaemia participants are not allowed to carry on this activity since it can affect their health conditions. 

Qualified participants are given strong hard helmets and fastened waterproof life jackets and allowed to begin off with the white water rafting.  If moving in a group, the guides always give you a chance to choose between passing through the easy or hard route and if many of the participants choose hard, you are demanded to prepare and get ready for the adventure.

If you get to encounter a large rapid, you are advised to get out of the raft and instead swim around it but that is not guaranteed since each rapid offers a different experience and feeling depending on how your guide can cruise. The main route of the cruise has nine raids in total where four are grade 5 here, the rapids are always powerful and faster towards the downstream. 

There are calm and soft waters in between the rapids and in case you’re a good swimmer, you can be able to swim through and eat something while viewing the excellent landscape in the surroundings. 

Covering over 26 kilometers, you can also get in touch with the locals while fishing by the riverside, and since Jinja is a bird haven of about 100 different bird species, you can be able to see some of them while in their habitats. On a lucky day, one can encounter primates like monkeys swinging and laying on top of trees still on the river banks.


The busiest season having moderate water flows with warm temperatures is during the months of Late June to August.

The month of September is regarded as the best time because it has cool water temperatures with mild air temperatures and less crowd giving you an adequate chance to cruise through the rapids.

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